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Ballweg Hickory Hills Dairy Sale is Complete

Thank you to all the bidders and buyers in tonights online auction at Ballweg Hickory Hills Dairy.

1. $9,000 BHHD CLAIM TO FAME-RED Jessica & Neil McIsaac III, California (Contending bidder Pat Conroy)
2. $4,100 BHHD AMMO-P FIREBALL-RED Jordan & Nicole Prochnow, Wisconsin
3. $1,700 BHHD AMMO-P SHIMMER Al Ballweg, Wisconsin
4. $2,100 BHHD SHES GOT STYLE-RED Machado Dairy, California
5. $4,000 BHHD ITS A SECRET-RED Kelly Breunig & Jake Breunig, Wisconsin
6. $3,000 BHHD SILHOUETTE-RED Kelly Breunig & Jake Breunig, Wisconsin
7. $1,950 BHHD JORDY SRIRACHA-RED Dustin Espindula, Nevada
8. $5,000 HEATHERSTONE WICKED*RC Kelly Breunig
9. $5,000 BHHD GOLDCHIP MINNIE Ack-Lee & Pat Conroy, Ohio
10. $3,000 CRAIG-KRO HAMMER DAMMER Machado Dairy, California
11. $1,350 BHHD SANCHEZ DESTINY Craig & Marlene Krohlow, Wisconsin
12. $2,200 BHHD UNSTOP KARMA-RED Mystic Valley, Wisconsin
13. $2,500 L&L-BHHD ATTITUDE-RED Josh Jones, Wisconsin
14. $1,600 L&L-BHHD ABERDEEN-RED Chelsea Sloan, Minnesota

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Future Ready Online On-Time Sale is in the books

FUTURE READY ONLINE AUCTION just ended minutes ago. 2,742 bids were received from 6 provinces, 17 states, & 5 countries. Gross sales totaled $223,231. The 31 live Holstein lots averaged $6,350 and 4 live Jersey lots averaged $3,038! Thank you to all bidders and congratulations to all buyers on your great investments! Here is the list of buyers & sale prices of each and every lot.

1 $14,000 Heavenly Genetics, Select Export, Brent Howe, Stanley Farm, Lancashire, Preston, UK
R-E-W Life of the Party-ET

2 $7,000 Matt Henkes, Henkeseen Holsteins, Luana, Iowa, USA
Riverdown Doorman Bandaloni

3A $7,100 R-E-W Farm, Lebanon, Connecticut, USA
Avant-Garde Diamond Shine

3B $3,700 Maxime Quesnel, Moose Creek, Ontario, CAN
Avant-Garde Diamond Sparkle

3C $4,200 Doug Karn, Woodstock, Ontario, CAN
Avant-Garde Diamond Shimmer

4 $4,100 Steve J Summers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Avant-Garde Douglas Soleil

5 $6,100 Steve J Summers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Avant-Garde Unix Summer Dream

6 $5,200 Claire Swale, Heavenly Genetics, Stanley Farm, Lancashire, Preston, UK
Avant-Garde Unix Summer Mist

7 $35,000 Kingsway Farm, Hastings, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Solomon Bonnie

8 $5,100 Jason Millen, Omemee, Ontario, CAN
Braemar Fraeland KB Beyonce

9 $4,200 Ryan Harrop, Harrcroft Acres, Fergus, Ontario, CAN
Braemar Fraeland Beautiful

10 $8,100 Trevor Martin, Windknoll, Elora, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Doorman Bride

11 $6,000 George Wood, Caledon, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Impression Blackout

12 $5,000 Scott Brethet, Earincliffe, Tottenham, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Douglas Breathless

13 $12,800 George Wood, Caledon, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Altitude Bodacious *RC

14 $6,300 Trevor Martin, Windknoll, Elora, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Windbrook Boutique

15 $3,000 Tom Degroot, Chilliwack, British Columbia, CAN
Colstein Crushtime Unb

16 $11,600 Jim Schluter, Red Bud, Illinois, USA
Dymentholm Av Ember-Red

17 $1,800 Matt Enright, Winchester, Ontario, CAN
Dymentholm Total Eclipse *RC

18 $4,300 Franchise Genetics, Ohio, USA
Choice of 3 – Black Apple x Genesis Genry Vanya

19 $4,100 Crestbrooke, Barb T. Natzke, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
CS Viral Embrace

20 $1,900 Doug McKay, Kaymanor, Stratford, Ontario, CAN
Hobby Tequila Buttercup

21 $1,850 Franchise Genetics, Ohio, USA
Yellow Briar Incentive Mamie Mae

22 $1,900 Scott Standeaven, Delhaven Holsteins, Perth South, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Doorman Eclipse

23 $2,100 Brent Howe, Aylmer, Canada
Dymentholm Undenied Cobie-ET

24 $2,700 Robert Goodwill, Owen Sound, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Sidekick Lizzo

25 $1,500 Joel Phoenix, Cannington, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Sidekick Wonderlust

26 $1,650 Jeff Stephenson, Loretto, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Denver Chianti

27 $3,800 Patience Holsteins, Mildmay, Ontario, CAN
Avant-Garde-I Swingman Luck *RC

28 $2,000 Patience Holsteins, Mildmay, Ontario, CAN
Parallel Doorman Phancy

29 $5,900 Cole Rupprecht, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Dymentholm Crushabull Jodie *RC

30 $2,625 Chancy Burgess, Mildmay, Ontario, CAN
7 – #1 Diamondback embryos

31 $3,000 Gordon Martin, Ontario, CAN
Devans Emilio Katherine

32 $1,800 Tom Degroot, Chilliwack, British Columbia, CAN
Fraeland Denver Revival

33 $1,700 Maxime Quesnel, Moose Creek, Ontario, CAN
Fraeland Doorman Flirty

34 $18,500.00 Tom Degroot, Chilliwack, British Columbia, CAN
Pondvue Gold Chip Gretchen

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Thank your to buyer’s in the Online Auction at Opsal’s Ridge

Opsal’s Ridge ONLINE AUCTION just closed. Thank you to all the bidders and congratulations to the buyers of all eight lots! Bids were received from 11 different states!

1 – $5,300, Opsal Diamndbck Madison-Red, BRANDON SMITH, Pulaski, WI
2-$3,000, Opsal DF After Party-Red-ET, PAUL COLGAN, Auburn, NY
3-$2,600,Opsal Bailey Ariana-Red, JORDAN LONDON, Punxsutawney, PA
4-$4,200, Opsal Ammo Caleesi, DOUG LUEKING, Centralia, IL
5-$3,700, Opsal Denver Coco De Chanel, SHAYLA DANZ, Barneveld, WI
6-$1,050, Opsal Blake Dorito, ZACH LEMKE, Chilton, WI
7-$1,050, Opsal Marquise Diamond, ZACH LEMKE, Chilton, WI
B1-$4,800, Opsal Pretty As A Picture, BECKY ALLEN, Terreton, ID

*** If you have cattle to sell and are interested in having your own online auction at send us a message, no sale is to small!

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ATOMIC-RED named Reserve Intermediate Champion at WDE

Ms Awesome Atomic-Red take first place honors in the senior two year old class and goes on to be named reserve intermediate champion of the International Red & White Show at the 2019 World Dairy Expo.

Atomic was purchased on by Schilling, Doeberiener, & Bowen in the Price of Gold online auction last spring. She is sired by Awesome-Red, from Ms Apples Uno Armana EX-94 an Uno daughter of Apple-Red EX-96. Armana also sold on to Kingsway Farms, Ontario.


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Thank You to all Participants in the Price of Gold Sale

Price of Gold Sale CowLineup-IMG_0497

Wauconda, Illinois – Thank you to all bidders and buyers in the Price of Gold Online Auction at Golden Oaks Farm. Bidders from all over North America took part in this online auction and cattle were purchased from 9 states and provinces. 1,139 bids were placed and cattle were viewed in person and online from 47 states and 42 countries world-wide. Good luck to all buyers with your new purchases.

LOT 2 – MS AWESOME ATOMIC-RED, $37,500 Schilling, Doebereiner and Bowen, Ohio
LOT 1 – MS APPLES UNO ARMANA*RC, $19,000 Kingsway, Ontario, Canada
LOT 27 – MS PG PV ATOMIC-RED, $9,500 Randy, Kevin, & Aubrey Lettinga, Michigan
LOT 4 – MS PG PV ARCH CELEBRITY-ET, $9,100 Golden Oaks, Illinois
LOT 31 – Ms TATOO APPLAUSE*RC, $7,400 Clayton Arntz & Cunningham, California
LOT 6 – BUTLERVIEW DOOR BEYONCE, $6,000 Mike Iager, Maryland
LOT 14 – GOLDEN-OAKS TRINITY-RED-ET, $5,100 Robert Gallivan, Kansas
LOT 5 – STJ- PV DOORMAN HARP, $4,500 Joseph Opsal, Wisconsin
LOT 9 – ARB-FLO SPR HONEYBUN-RED, $4,400 Denton Ross, Arizona
LOT 21 – GOLDEN-OAKS DOC CALL ME-ET, $4,300 Olivia Kunha, California
LOT 7 – DUCKETT DBACK SHILOH, $3,800 Grant Groves & Payton Erbsen, Missouri & Illinois

Ms Awesome Atomic-RED Price of Gold Sale Golden Oaks

Price of Gold Sale Golden Oaks

Price of Gold Sale Golden Oaks

Ms Awesome Atomic-RED Price of Gold Sale Golden Oaks

Price of Gold Sale Golden Oaks

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Thank you for all participants in the Minnesota Spring Special

Congratulations to the Minnesota breeders on a successful online auction. 639 bids were placed and cattle were viewed from 41 states and 10 countries around the world. We wish the buyers the best of luck with their new purchases.

High Seller – Lot #2 – Hollermann Rolan 1137-ET $41,000 purchased by Melarry Farms

Minnesota Spring Special Online Auction Highlights

LOT #2 Hollermann Rolan 1137-ET $41,000 – Melarry Farms, MN
LOT #3 Melarry Rio 3353-ET $8,600 – Shawn Hollermann, MN
LOT #4 T-Spruce Imax 12046-ET $5,100 – Faria Brothers, TX
LOT #5 Hartford Sawyer 835-Red $4,400 – T-Spruce, MN
LOT #23 SL-Acres Free Beer on Ice $3,900 – Theresa Raak, MN
LOT #28 IVF Session from Hollermann Delco 663Y-ET $2,300 – T-Spruce, MN
LOT #26 SL-Acres Wildfire Durham-Red $2,200 – Duane Leveau, MN
LOT #7 Rome embryos $650 – Bryant Weis, MN
LOT #1 Hoese Doorman Lover $1,500 to Minnesota Junior Holstein Association! – John Holmgren, MN

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Price of Gold Sale Announced at Golden Oaks Farm

An online auction you won’t want to miss! Hosted by Golden-Oaks Farm and Prestige Genetics March 27-30, 2019. Sale cattle will be on display at Golden-Oaks Farm the week of Luck-E 50th Anniversary Sale. Golden Oaks Farm is located 33 miles from Luck-E Holsteins, one mile North of Wauconda on Route 12, and half mile west on Bonner Rd. We are only 45 minutes from O’Hare Airport and only 2 hours from Madison, WI.

MS PG PV DOORMAN ASPIRE-ET VG-88 EX-MS All-Canadian and Reserve All-American Milking Yearling for 2018, Her Dam Sells!

Exciting consignments sell including Ms Apples Uno Armana-ET EX-94, the dam of MS PG PV DOORMAN ASPIRE-ET VG-88 EX-MS All-Canadian and Reserve All-American Milking Yearling for 2018! Armana won’t be the only Apple to create some excitement in this online auction, Golden Oaks Farm also will be selling a +3.93T Surge from a +3.62T Crush x Apple!

If you like Red & Whites, a +3.77T RED Jordy Spring Yearling sells from MISS POTTSDALE DFI TANG EX-94, All-American R&W Senior 3-Year-Old 2017, stop by and see for yourself Tang is fresh again & looks better than ever. Also a Defiant Summer Yearling sells from PAMPRD-ACRES AB IVY EX-92!

Other opportunities include GLORYLAND-I GOLDWYN LOCKET’s +3.82T Solomon g’dtr due in June to Unix, +3.49T Crush due in Sept to King Doc & 9/18 King Doc over +3.00T. Also +3.78T King Doc, High Octane, Tatoo & Solomon Milking yrl prospect from GOLDEN-OAKS ATW CHARLA EX-93, GMD and a 9th Generation EX Roxy. Avalanche & Crush heifers sell from ARETHUSA SID TESS EX-92, and +3.21T Solomon x Golden Dreams x EX Goldwyn x Hez and a Crush x Sid x EX Goldwyn x Hez will sell.

Ms PG PV ARCH CELEBRITY-ET VC-87 SELLS, daughter of Doorman Camilla EX-92 and Grand Daughter of Camomile EX-95. Celebrity has a big future, she is already the dam of #1 Beemer in Europe!

If you are coming to the Luck-E 50th Anniversary Sale, plan your visit to Golden Oaks Farm the last week in March you won’t be disappointed!

Keep an eye on the Price of Gold Sale Page for pedigrees, photos, videos, updates & bidding. Online Auction open March 27-30, 2019!

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Minnesota Spring Special

Minnesota Spring Special – Online Auction

Minnesota Holstein Association will be hosting the Spring Special online auction at  The online event will take place in conjunction with the Minnesota All-Breeds Convention February 28 through March 2, 2019.  More information about exciting consignments coming soon!


Where can I see what’s selling?

This sale is not your traditional live auction, however, we encourage you to see all of the consignments online or in person.   All consignments will have photos, video, pedigree, and genetics up at on the Minnesota Spring Special event page prior to the sale.  You can also checkout what’s selling in person by contacting a specific consignor to schedule a visit.

See All Lots

How do I Bid?

All bidding will take place at  You simply need to create an free account at and have a method of payment on file to get approved to bid.

Don’t wait, you can get approved to bid now or anytime prior to the sale.  Please register at or contact the Minnesota Holsteins Association if you need assistance creating an account.

When does the auction end?

The online auction will be open for bidding during the 2019 Minnesota All-Breeds Convention.  The timed auction is slated to end at 1:00pm (CST) on March 2, 2019.  However, if a bid is placed on an individual lot with the last five minutes, the auction end time for the individual lot will be extended for another couple minutes to allow for other bidders to have a fair chance to bid again.

Of course, you can always place a proxy bid at anytime during the auction to ensure you get your bids in before the auction ends.   To place a proxy bid, type your maximum bid amount and click the bid button, your bids will be automatically placed only if another bidder places another bid.

Sale Chairman
Tracy Schaefer
Fairfax, MN
Phone: 320-360-5188

Minnesota Holstein Association (320) 259-0637

PO Box 475
Plainview, Minnesota
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Spice Girl wins the Royal

Leawood Spice Girl-Red
Leawood Spice Girl-Red

Leawood Spice Girl-Red placed first in the 4 year old class at the 2018 Royal Winter Fair and was later named Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of the Royal Winter Fair Red & White Show for Cresentmead Farms, Ixonia, Wisconsin.

Spice Girl-Red acquired Grand Champion honors earlier this year at both the Midwest Spring National Red & White Show and at the Wisconsin Summer Showcase.

Spice Girl-Red and her Jordy March Calf sold online in the premier online auction at in March 2018. Your opportunity awaits on in 2019!

Leawood Spice Girl-Red
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A Louisville Champion

Beem of Light at World Dairy Expo 2018
N.A.I.L.E. 2018

MS PG PV Beem of Light was named Reserve Junior Champion of the Grand National Junior Show at the North American International Livestock Exposition.

She was also the second place winter calf in the International Junior Holstein show at this year’s World Dairy Expo.

Beem of Light was purchased in the Prestige Hall of Fame online auction last May by Hayden & Hunter McIsaac of California.

R-E-W Happy Go Lucky

She is Beemer x VG-86 Aftershock x R-E-W Happy Go Lucky EX-90 (Goldwyn). Look for your opportunity to own one like Beem of Light at!

May 2018 – photo from online auction
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From a WDE Champion

RJohn Prestige Champion

John Prestige Champion was the Junior All-Wisconsin Winter Calf this summer and was also 1st place winter calf at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair for Dawson Nickels, Watertown, Wisconsin. She finished her show season placing 4th in a competitive class of winter calves on the colored shavings in the International Holstein Show.

This Doorman winter calf is a daughter of Silvermaple Windhammer Camille EX-94, who was Supreme Champion of the Junior Show at World Dairy Expo in 2016.  Her Grandam is the one an only Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 All-American & All-Canadian in milking form.

Silvermaple Windham Camille
Silvermaple Damion Camomile

RJohn-Prestige Champion sold in the Prestige Hall of Fame online auction in May 2018, she was sold by Joe & Amber Price & John Cunningham.

May 2018 – photo from online auction
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Purple Ribbons at the Big E

Doorman Anika at the Big E
Nick Bellefleur with Doorman Anika

Congratulations to Nick Bellefleur of Grey, Maine on his purchase of Doorman Anika at  She sold as Lot #2 in the Prestige Hall of Fame online auction.

She was recently named Intermediate Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of the Northeast Fall National Junior Show at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts!

Stransholm Gold Annice

Anika is a Doorman from Stransholm Gold Annice, the Unanimous All American Fall Yearling and Reserve Junior Champion World Dairy Expo 2015.

May 2018 – photo from online auction