A Great Finale to Summer
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<h3>Avant-Garde Summer Sale is Complete</h3>
Thank you to all the bidders and congratulations to all the buyers on your new investments from the Summer family and other world-class cow families. 26 live lots sold for a gross revenue of $142,650 and a live lot average of $5,487!

$22,000 Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer Richard Denier
$9,200 Avant-Garde Diamond Sheen-ET *RC Robert Goodwill
$4,700 Avant-Garde Douglas Swan Song-ET T&L Cattle Company
$1,400 Avant-Garde Expander Ski Bum-ET David Dyment (agent)
$17,500 Avant-Garde Kashmir Soul-ET Sébastien Dion & David Dyment
$7,100 Avant-Garde Lautrust Saffron Steven Summers
$5,000 Avant-Garde Douglas Solange-ET Kevin Mckee
$4,200 Avant-Garde Delta Song-ET Adolf Langhout
$5,500 Avant-Garde Delta Sunrise-ET Jamie Howard
$5,100 Liddleholme Applesuc-Red-ET Trevor Martin
$6,600 Dymentholm Jordy Apple Sauce-Red Dave Faraway & Lee Stanley
$2,300 Dymentholm Army Brat *RC Celeste Cook
$5,300 Kimball-Way Av Arizona-ET *RC Aaron Smith
$3,100 Greenpine Chanel Mt. Elgin Dairy
$6,200 Poplarvale Expander Maria Doug Karn
$2,100 Dymentholm Sunview Ltrust Mya Johnny Machado
$9,200 Fradon Douglas Lacey Doug McKay
$7,000 R-E-W Ava Lava-ET T&L Cattle Company
$4,400 OH-River-Syc Avalanc Bev-ET Lucky Hill Dairy
$1,550 Dymentholm Douglas Boss Lady Wesley Killing
$3,000 Tolamika Ammo Liza-Red Lucky Hill Dairy
$2,600 Quietcove First Class-ET Marlin & Ray Martin
$2,000 Ms Feather-Field Dyment Fia Jayden Hipel
$1,800 Pondvue Chief Grier Ken Horst
$2,300 Avant-Garde-I Chief Lisa Marlin & Ray Martin
$1,500 Avant-Garde Lautrust Lucky Lou Jason Martin



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