Thank you for all participants in the Minnesota Spring Special


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Congratulations to the Minnesota breeders on a successful online auction. 639 bids were placed and cattle were viewed from 41 states and 10 countries around the world. We wish the buyers the best of luck with their new purchases.

High Seller – Lot #2 – Hollermann Rolan 1137-ET $41,000 purchased by Melarry Farms

Minnesota Spring Special Online Auction Highlights

LOT #2 Hollermann Rolan 1137-ET $41,000 – Melarry Farms, MN
LOT #3 Melarry Rio 3353-ET $8,600 – Shawn Hollermann, MN
LOT #4 T-Spruce Imax 12046-ET $5,100 – Faria Brothers, TX
LOT #5 Hartford Sawyer 835-Red $4,400 – T-Spruce, MN
LOT #23 SL-Acres Free Beer on Ice $3,900 – Theresa Raak, MN
LOT #28 IVF Session from Hollermann Delco 663Y-ET $2,300 – T-Spruce, MN
LOT #26 SL-Acres Wildfire Durham-Red $2,200 – Duane Leveau, MN
LOT #7 Rome embryos $650 – Bryant Weis, MN
LOT #1 Hoese Doorman Lover $1,500 to Minnesota Junior Holstein Association! – John Holmgren, MN

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