Ocean View Damion Sassafrass

Winning Bid: USD $2,200

Ocean View Damion Sassafrass

14th Gen EX or VG


Linebreeding at its best this Damion has an EX-93 Dundee dam over 300k!
Frass has proven herself as a broodcow and now it’s time for her to make you some babies! Her EX-92 Atwood has a state leading record with over 46k and a 5.6% her Diamondback was Nominated Jr All-American and is one of our exciting young cows in the barn. This pedigree is stacked to make lasting cows but you can have some fun with them as heifers too!



Damion x EX-93 Dundee x EX-90 Zenith x EX-93 Blackstar x 10 more EX or VG dams



Born: October 23, 2011

Ocean View Genetics

Daryl & Pam Nunes

4274 Weier Lane



707 756 2651


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