Winning Bid: USD $9,800

Val-Bisson Doorman-ET
CAN107281711 EX-90 ST *TY *TV *TL *TD
PTA -446M +15F +10P 99R 12/20
PTA +2.48T +1.63UDC +.80FLC 99R 12/20
GTPI +2200

Fraeland Black Beauty-ET
CAN12326664 EX-93-5Y-CAN MS:95
2-11 2x 365d 32,688 4.3 1400 3.2 1056
4-06 2x 242d 25,238 4.2 1056 3.1 776″RIP
1-11 2x 305d 18,483 3.7 686 3.1 575
•HM All-Canadian Sr. 2 Year Old 2018
•HM All-Ontario Sr. 2 Year Old 2018
•3rd Sr. 2 Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2018
•1st Sr. 3 Year Old & Res. Grand Bruce-Grey 2019
•Grand Champion Lambton 2019
S: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET

Maternal sisters to Black Beauty:
Fraeland Doorman Bonnie EX-94
2-11 2x 334d 27,050 4.8 1289 3.3 899
4-00 2x 288d 23,830 4.6 1107 3.4 815″RIP
•Nom. All-American Jr. 3 Year Old 2019
•3rd Jr. 3 Year Old Int’l Holstein Show 2019
•1st Jr. 3 Year Old Midwest Spring Nat’l 2019
•All-National Jr. 3 Year Old 2019
•HM All-American Jr. 2 Year Old 2018
•3rd Jr. 2 Year Old Int’l Holstein Show 2018
•Res. Grand Champion Midwest Spring Nat’l 2018
•HM All-Canadian Junior Calf 2016
Fraeland Sid Beauty-ET EX-92-2E-CAN 1*
5-05 3x 365d 29,617 4.3 1272 3.3 988


How do I Bid?

All bidding will take place at You simply need join and use your credit card to get approved to bid. If you have already been approved to bid from a previous auction, there is no need to get approved again! Online auction lots will end in lot order end times will extend if a bid is placed within the last minutes of the auction.

What is proxy bidding?

To place a proxy bid, type your maximum bid amount and click the bid button, your maximum bid is concealed and bids will be automatically placed ONLY when another bidder places another bid.  Bids will only go up by the minimum bid increment. In the event of a tie bid, the first bidder who placed a proxy bid for that amount will be winning.