1st choice of 5 pregnancies due in March 2020 by sexed Diamondback from Cache-Valley Lheros 2331-ET “DEZI”

Dezi is a people-pleaser. Everywhere you go, people love the cow and she has earned it. She does everything right……except flush. So this is a rare opportunity! A choice of daughters of Dezi has never been offered because she didn’t make them!

During the nearly five years that we have owned part of Dezi, we have registered 4 daughters. To date, 2 have been classified:

Ms Dezis Sid Desiree – Scored VG-88 with EX-MS at 2-09.
Ms Dezis Crush Delaney – Sold in 2017 World Classic for $47,000. Scored VG85 at 2-03 in Canada this summer.
Ms Dezis Sid Delilah – Fresh, but has not been scored yet.

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