3#1 Sexed IVF DIAMONDBACK*RC embryos x Ocean-View Barbwire Richmond*RC

Auction Ended



Diamondback *RC x EX-90 Barbwire *RC x EX-94 Atlas x EX-90 Juror x EX-92-2E Triple Threat x EX-93 Senator x EX-92-2E Admiral x VG-Can Baronet

*Bid price is price per embryo (exportable at Sunshine – ask ahead to see if they meet your country requirements)
WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE CALVES LIKE THESE? We have a few embryos left from this powerhouse red producer…this is your chance! Make your own calves like these “Diamond Rings” backed by 6 generations of EX including a World Dairy Expo Reserve Grand! Calves in photos: Ocean-View Diamond Ring was All-Wisconsin Spring Calf and high selling heifer in our 2017 Sale and Ocean View Diamond Ring-RED is our newest model. She makes them pretty pretty and red and what a pedigree!