WI Brown Swiss

Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association

Fundraiser for the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association.  Proceeds will go to support Brown Swiss Association members.

Mary had a stroke in November while dealing with covid and was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator, later contracted an infection in her brain. She has made improvements recently in recovering consciousness and is starting to communicate again and taking short breaks from the ventilator and is starting therapy in a skilled nursing facility in Wausau.

Meghan is currently a Junior at Clark University studying to be a nurse. Meghan was diagnosed with Stage 2 unfavorable Hodgkin’s lymphoma on November 2nd. The reason being she is unfavorable is due to the size and location of the mass (pear size resting between her left lung and heart with 2 additional lymph nodes containing cancer). Meghan is currently taking chemo treatments every 2 weeks in Madison. Meghan is halfway through treatments and the last scan had shown the tumor shrinking in size.


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Showing all 8 results