Western Classic RV Hookup Auction

Explanation of what we are selling:  Selling 24 RESERVED RV Spots for the 11th Annual Western Classic Junior Dairy Show at the International Agri-Center March 10th-12th, 2023

You are buying a specific spot on the map! The spot you buy will be your actual spot for the weekend of the show. So if you have someone or a group of people you want to have your RV next to, you can plan accordingly and buy spots next to each other.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a sizable road that runs down the middle of the RV Spots. For example, Spot #1 and Spot #13 are not going to be right next to each other.

What does buying one of these spots get you:

  • A reserved trailer spot
  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
    • There are 8 spots with 50AMP electrical hook ups (Spaces #5-12)
    • The remaining 16 spots will have 30AMP electrical hook-ups
  • Note: These spots do not have sewer hook-ups. There is a dump site on grounds that you can utilized when leaving.

Starting Bid:  $200  When purchasing a spot, you are purchasing it for UP TO 4 Nights – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

PLEASE NOTE: We are charged $50/night by the Agri-Center whether or not you are staying in your trailer therefore if your trailer is on the grounds, we have to pay. If your stay goes beyond the 4 nights, please contact Lauren Evangelo (707-338-5247) to make arrangements.

Auction time frame:  Online Auction will open on February 1st (Same day entries open) and close on Sunday (2/5) at 5PM PST.

Disclosures:  Trailer passes will be available upon arrival and will be released to the exhibitor or person that purchased the spot.

There will be no refunds on trailer spots. You can transfer your spot to someone. If this is done, please let Lauren Evangelo know so that the trailer permit can get to the right person.

Payment for your reserve trailer spot will happen through CattleClub. If you are the winning bidder on a reserved spot, you do not need to reserve a trailer spot on your online entries. This is for dry camping only.