Our Favorite Embryo Auction - May 5, 2023

The decision has been made that 2023 will be the last year of Our-Favorite Holsteins, and we will be having an on-farm sale on October 21st. We have had a fairly aggressive flush and IVF program working with our best cows and heifers. Now that we are selling out we have discontinued putting in embryos and will sell our inventory.

We are selling the last 2 embryos out of Our-Favorite Unlimited EX 94, and embryos from 5 of her descendants. Of those 2 are EX 94 and we believe with time the other 3 could be also. We also have embryos from Lottos Atwood Lizette-ET EX 94.

One of our last purchases a couple years ago was Cedarwal Jitters-ET from Peak Genetics. We bought her as a bred heifer to bring more balance into our type program. Jitters is EX 90 second calf and is the dam of the popular Peak Jagger-ET bull at Jetstream. We have embryos available from Jitters and her daughters by Alleyoop and Fitters Choice. These embryos have the ability to make the type of bulls that the AI industry is looking for.

These embryos were not made to sell, but to move our herd forward. However, with the decision to sell out we hope our fellow breeders will appreciate the opportunity to purchase some of the best Our-Favorite has to offer.