Harvest a Heritage Ocean View Genetics

Harvest a Heritage May 20, 2023

With each new calf the promise of tomorrow starts! We’re selling a small collection of promising futures on May 20th. ¬†Need that special project calf that can develop into a foundation for your future? We’ve got it! We’re going to offer 22 lots that will feature Spring calves, Winter calves and Summer yearlings many 14 Generations deep! Plus, a few offerings of other ages and from our milking herd and embryo tank. The barn is full…and the pens are full…so don’t miss this special opportunity to start your next foundation family!
Auction ends Saturday, May 20th at 4:00pm (CST)
707-756-2651 Daryl Nunes
815-222-8824 Matt Sloan
920-639-5550 Ryan Krohlow
608-335-8861 Brandon Ferry
608-843-6307 Joseph Opsal
608-698-2885 Nick Sarbacker
*Buyers will be invoiced following auction, payments can be made direct to Ocean View Genetics.
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