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Get in the Game Sale

Savage & friends invite you to Get in the Game, a live auction on Wednesday evening, October 2, 2019 at the Sheraton in Madison, Wisconsin. An event you won’t want to miss, 40 elite offerings that can show with the best type cattle in North America.

See what’s selling at the GET IN THE GAME SALE PAGE

Breeds Newest EX 95 SELLS October 2 Get-N-The Game Sale Ms D Apple Danielle Red-ET pictured here In her working clothes at 91/2 years age and 5 calves over 150,000 out to date Owned with Amanda Shedd Kennedy
3 time All-American Nominee Lacey sells Oct 2 Fresh in June and ready for fall!! Owned by Roll-N-View
Incase you forgot about Midas-Touch Jedi Jangle-ET VG89 Res all-Canadian jr 2 Honorable mention All-American jr2 She’s fresh in August and ready for FALL Jangle Sells in The Get-N-The Game Sale Owned by London Dairy and Clarkvalley
One of the most talked about heifers this Spring SELLS!
“Blake’s “ cover girl sells St Jacobs Blake Angel-ET max Score EX 92 Jr All-American Sr 2 2018